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Punk rock Wonder Woman by Cliff Chiang. I want to live in the universe where this is in continuity.

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"Memoirs Of An Occasional Superheroine" Free To Download



Now with nifty new cover by Kevin Colden!

I wrote a book about my life in Comics in 2009, called “Memoirs Of An Occasional Superheroine.” Sold a bunch of copies, then let it fall into obscurity. I was actually trying to bury it, because I thought/learned that speaking your truth as a woman was probably the dumbest action one could take in one’s comic book career. And in the years since I wrote the memoir, I tried to stay on the positive side about Women in Comics. That perhaps things would—and was—only going to get better.

But it has not gotten better. My news/Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr feed is regularly stocked with stories about how it is not getting better. I mean, there are a number of publishers who are really responding to female talent, like BOOM! Studios. But as a whole, women are still woefully under-represented in “mainstream” comics, and stories of sexual harassment of females at publishers, by creators, at conventions, and so on continue and continue and continue.

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This is really good. Disturbing though, so proceed at your own risk.

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When he said “an’ to make a long story short,” I was expecting him to say “I am terrible.”

Ok so now 25 issues or so after admitting his mistake of trying “to drag her away from what she was good at,” Happy and Pepper start to get back together, and he immediately is like “I think you should quit your job.”


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It only just occurred to me that Doctor Strange is based on Vincent Price. Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated has a character, Vincent Van Ghoul, who’s based on Price, but he couldn’t possibly look any more like Doctor Strange:

So seeing this prompted some googling, and turned up this which includes screenshots of Price in the movie The Raven as Dr. Erasmus Craven, which came out right before Doctor Strange was created:

There’s a clip on youtube, it is goofy as hell with the cheapest of special effects. And not exactly exciting. He and his enemy just stand still with flashy lights coming out of their hands for like 30 seconds.

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The Black Widow!Daredevil #90 (Aug. 1972)By Gene Colan & Tom Palmer


The Black Widow!
Daredevil #90 (Aug. 1972)
By Gene Colan & Tom Palmer

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The Falcon appreciation

Ah, his guns appearing as if from nowhere happened too fast for me to really figure out how they were working, but these gifs make it pretty clear that they’re wrist mounted and kind of unfold. Which is super cool!

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I really want some future Marvel movie to have Fury hunting down ex-S.H.I.E.L.D.-Hydra people and someone asks him like “Fury, you trained them, they were practically family. What are you going to feel when you put a bullet into one of those people?”


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For a second, I was confused why New 52 Nightwing would be in an Iron Man comic from 1999.

For a second, I was confused why New 52 Nightwing would be in an Iron Man comic from 1999.

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I completely missed that Doc Venture and Brock were once in the background in Invincible.

I completely missed that Doc Venture and Brock were once in the background in Invincible.

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